Choosing Rock Climbing Gear For Safety

People who want to enter the world of climbing should learn first a lot of things. Among the most popular type of climbing today is rock climbing and there are so many things to learn about it first.

This kind of sport is something where you put your trust on harnesses, ropes, and other equipment. This equipment holds your very life. With this, it is very important to use top-quality gears.

It should be durable, strong and quite easy to use. Good thing people could now invest in different brands for safety rock climbing experience.

Metolius is among the brands in the market today which offer above the industry standard for rock climbing equipment. The brand aims to provide clients with the safest climbing equipment they could purchase in the market.

They beefed up ropes, applied redundancies on harnesses, made clearer instructional markings and remodeled some of their product to make it safer to use.

This is among the reasons why the brand leads the market when it comes to climbing gears. They always consider the safety of their consumers and this is seen on the kind of products they manufacture.

Climbers using Metolius climbing gears don’t have to be afraid even if they are beginners. The brand applied what they call the “safe-tech” architecture where everything in their equipment from buckle, strap and gear loop are made to hold the person using it.

This is safer compared to other brands where there are weak points in the equipment. This kind of equipment would fail when it is used the wrong way.

The right equipment that everyone should choose needs to be safe for professionals and beginners as well. The mentioned brand boasts of being able to hold at least 2,250 pounds. Even if you fall, the equipment will never break.

A lot of people today are quite satisfied with using their Metolius equipment for rock climbing. Not only that they are happy with the safety they feel, also the brand is able to amaze them with its performance.

It is strong enough to support any weight of a climber. Additionally, what’s good about the brand is they are able to provide everything that a climber needs including the Range Finder System.

This cam could help anyone make the right decision when it comes to placing anchors. Less falls would happen when anchors are properly placed on a stable surface.

It is definitely good to know that the company is in constant effort to improve their climbing gears. With this, the trust of people on the brand continues to rise.

People who are into climbing sports like rock climbing to not anymore care about the cost of the product as long as it could provide them the safety they need when they do their favorite sport.

For those who are just starting to learn the sport, it is definitely a must to trust on known brands when it comes to rock climbing gears. Rock climbing experience would be best when proper and high-quality equipment are utilized.

Advantages Of Metolius Rock Climbing Gear

I, myself being a rock climber have tried many rock climbing gears. Though not a pro in rock climbing, I am constantly learning and exploring the new avenues in this extreme sport.

Rock Climbing Safety GearMost people like me who are new to rock climbing and trying to master different aspects of this sport, it is very important that they have a reliable and quality rock climbing gear in place.

When I first started climbing rock outdoors (initially, I took my sessions indoors) I knew straight away how dangerous a slip can be.

So it was imperative for me to choose an appropriate rocking gear that has a good reputation in the market, so that I can be assured of my safety in extreme conditions.

After doing enough research and taking advice from my peers, I finally landed on Metolius rock climbing equipment.

Why Metolius Climbing?

As I told you before, I did a thorough research on Metolius Climbing equipment before I got it for myself. Established in 1980’s, Metolius Climbing was founded by a few North American climbers who shared the same passion for the sport.

The company evolved gradually and is known for its quality, safety and design excellence. Metolius Climbing manufactures its own equipment with a great precision and quality that is second to none.

My research also included reading various articles and reviews regarding the equipment, collecting opinions from my peers and talking to various climbers who owned this brand of rock climbing equipment. They all one common thing to say, “get Metolius yourself and you will know why it is the best!!”


Climbing Holds: To cater to the individual needs there are 12 different Climbing Holds with varying bolt-on -holds available in different sizes.

These Climbing Holds come with various designs such as screw-on, inside outs, colonettes and wood grips. Irrespective of the designs all the Metolius climbing holds are strong and are built with flexible fusion resin to resist breakages.

Bolt on holds are equipped with steel washers that boost the strength and durability of the holds.

Bouldering Gear: Metolius has a team of experts that are dedicated only to design bouldering gear. Also, this is the one of the first companies to offer an entire range of bouldering equipment such as crash pads, bouldering bags, brushes, chalk, bouldering bucket, tape, etc.

Hence there was no need for me to look elsewhere and waste my time on purchasing good bouldering equipment.

Cams: Cams are one of the most important parts of any climbing gear. As a beginner I use Master Cams, which are intended all round purpose for cracks ranging from small to medium (0.34 to 1.89 inches).

Care should be taken that the appropriate cam is chosen depending on the surface of the rock. Ithas different cams that cater to different climbing tasks.

Bottom-line: When compared to the Aliens and Zeros, I would definitely rate this product a bit higher. It has exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend this and Give it four and a half stars out of five.

The Best Rock Climbing Equipment

Rock climbing can be very risky especially when dealing with the rocky terrain. Steep gradient terrains can also be dangerous hence you need to be fully equipped when going for rock climbing.

You can make the climbing safer by use of the Metolius brand of climbing equipment which ensure your rock climbing experience is safer and easier.

You can’t afford risking when going for cliff climbing because a little mistake could make you crippled. You need to have the right kind of ropes, powders and other auxiliary equipment specially meant for climbing and descending rocky surfaces.

The following are some of the equipment you need:

Ascenders: when using ropes for rock climbing, you will need Metolius ascenders to make your experience easier. These ascenders are basically clippers which you attach to your climbing rope in order to get a suitable support when climbing up the rock surface.

Ascenders are usually clipped to the rope and are meant to freely move up the rope but lock against it to prevent downward movement. They save you from the trouble of having to grip on the rope with your hands while climbing up the rocks.

Descenders: climbing down the rope as well needs suitable equipment. The descenders are specially made to help you slide down your climbing rope on a moderate speed.

They clip to the rope and apply some friction to regulate the downward movement. You can adjust the speed by varying the friction between the descender and the rope. These gadgets work best on muddy or wet ropes because this reduces the heating effect caused by friction.

Climbing chalk and powder: sweaty hands can be a big problem during rock climbing. Your hands need to be dry in order to have the best grip on the rock surfaces.

Metolius climbing chalk absorbs the sweat in your hands leaving them dry and suitable for gripping onto rock surfaces. However, if you have sensitive skin, the powder might end up dehydrating your hands leaving them cracked. In such cases, you should make a point of applying a moisturising gel on your hands after the rock climbing exercise.

Other Metolius aid climbing equipment: you will need a couple of other equipment apart from the rope and clippers when climbing tougher rock sections.

For instance, you need pegs, blades and pistons which you can harmer into rock cracks as you climb up the rock cliff. You can then use these hammered tools to pull yourself to higher sections of the cliff.

In addition to these you will need to get the right clothing, gloves, a torch, helmet, suitable footwear, belts, water bottle and a bag for carrying the tools. A first aid kit is equally important for nursing injuries.

These equipments are necessary for rock climbing and you can’t afford to do your climbing without them. You should be careful when climbing rocks to prevent any cases of accidents.

Always go with a climbing partner who can help you when you get stuck or get some minor injuries. Put your safety first and enjoy your climbing using Metolius climbing equipment.

Choosing The Right Metolius Rock Climbing Equipment

If you are interested to indulge in extreme sports, like rock climbing, it is imperative to have the right rock climbing equipment from a trusted brand.

Metolius is a trusted brand name and is highly known for its innovative design, hi-end equipment and cutting edge rock climbing gear. This brand offers you a lot of different types of gears that are needed for rock climbing. So, you can choose the one that will fit your needs.

Climbing ropes:

The kern mantle construction of the rope along with a braided patter offers excellent strength to it. Thus, these are extensively used for climbing a rock.

These ropes are highly durable. Moreover, you can knot them easily. They stretch really very well. That is even if you fall 50 feet, these ropes can stretch up to 7 feet extra.

These sturdy ropes are available in different thicknesses, such as single or double and they differ in lengths. Choose the ones depending upon the height and nature of the surface of the rocks that you intend to climb.

Calk bags:

You cannot possibly climb the rocks with your palm sweating out during the session. This will make you slip and fall easily and this might lead to some major accidents.

To prevent this mishap, it is essential to dip your hands in chalk powder or in magnesium carbonate so that your palms remain dry.

You can have a Metolius chalk bag to store the chalk powder safely. Besides that, these bags are convenient to carry. This renowned brand offers these bags in dozens of designs and at a reasonable rate.


Even though you have a good rope, it is essential that you fasten it securely with a harness. There are fully adjustable harness, buckled harness, padded harness and vested harness.

These are designed to fit you snugly. You can select the one that has four loops of gear. If you are choosing single pull buckle harness, then make sure not to unbuckle it fully!


Metolius offers slings in two types, such as quick draws and runners. Runners usually have open loops and small width. They can be used to clip to wired nuts and cams. These are available in various lengths from shorter to longer ones.

Choose the number of runners depending on the climbing location. For example, if you are going to short routes, 6 are sufficient, whereas for longer routes, you should have 12 slings.


These are snap links that attach to the ropes when you anchor or rack gear. These are designed so beautifully by the prestigious Metolius that you cannot stop purchasing them. These are available in various designs, like ovals, modified D style, self locking types, wire designs and solid styles.

Belay and rappel devices:

To climb with a rope you need belay and rappel devices that are basically metal clamp that attaches to the rope. This will also help you support a fellow member, who has fallen. These are available in an array of shapes, sizes and designs for you to choose from. They are available at reasonable rates, as well.

Metolius Rock Climbing Gear

Rock climbing is many people’s favourite pastime or hobby. It is an engaging activity that not only strengthens the body, but also the mind.

Rock climbing is not just your regular outdoor sport or activity. You need to have the necessary equipment. The exercise can be quite dangerous. You therefore need equipment you can trust.

Equipment from Metolius is all you need for all your rock-climbing needs. Overtime, this company has gained a favourable reputation because of the equipment quality. Strength, durability and safety are all important factors that go into producing excellent quality equipment.

Metolius continues to feature in credible rankings by investing a lot of energy to produce finest quality equipment. The wide variety is simply overwhelming.

There are various kinds of climbing holds that have brilliant shapes and are designed to help you steer through the terrain much better. These holds are excellent and can be used at any angle. This is the brilliance in this kind of equipment. You simply cannot get better equipment that serves you exactly the way you need.

When it comes to safety, Metolius is perfect. The crash pads guarantee you of your safety in case you slip and lose your balance. These crash pads provide you with the much needed protection from dangerous accidents. As much as it is a safety device, it is comfortable.

The crash pads are equipped with 1-inch thick cell foam. It is also waterproof and the aluminium hooks ensure that your pad is fastened at all times. A crash pad may seem like a bulky thing to carry. Well it easily collapses and folds away for easy transportation. Chalk is something vital in rock climbing. You need the highest quality chalk and chalk bag.

If you would like to do some training before that big completion or climbing session, get your hands on excellent training equipment. Metolius gives you an opportunity to interact with some training equipment for you to get a feel of the real experience.

Just because this is training equipment, it does not mean it is of high quality. You can train and use this equipment for however long you want. You could also use it in the real climbing experience, provided it is not too demanding. You have a real opportunity to train with the best equipment for success.

Accessories are very important. This is why Metolius spares no effort in providing you with accessories to suit your needs. The dog collar is one such accessory. Although it is not for climbing, the dog collar contains a scoop bag pocket and hidden leash. Clothing is another great accessory and piece of equipment.

The pants and shorts are light in weight, durable and have pockets and compartments to suit your needs. You can also get high quality ropes and cords to make your rock-climbing experience safer and more thrilling.

Gloves also come in handy and are an important piece of equipment because it protects you in various ways. Rock climbing equipment is versatile, the choices are many and the equipment is certainly of excellent quality.

Online Dating For The Disabled

Relationships can be initiated in a variety of ways depending on different reasons. When individuals have limited time to be active in the dating scene, they tend to go online to view the possibilities of finding someone who can accommodate their lifestyle.

Online dating sites, including disabled dating sites, provide members with the opportunity to know each other by allowing them to monitor potential dates for things that they may have in common, like a disability, or aspects that they deem as desirable in a partner.

For individuals with any kind of disability, the dating scene is even more challenging than it is for people with limited time. Some disabled people do not only find it hard to move around, but also experience greater fear of rejection when asking someone to go out on a date with them, in person.

Online disabled dating sites cater for people with special needs, with some going a step farther to target a niche audience comprising members with the same exact disease, such as diabetes, autism, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy, among others.

Members of online disability communities can set off their relationships with varied options besides dating, such as for friendship, advice, and support. However, the options may be limited in some websites that specify their overall objective.

For instance, some disabled communities are created to provide an avenue for disabled people to get in touch with others who are afflicted with unique conditions and bring out in the open, one primary issue.

It is not unusual for disabled people to stigmatize others with disabilities. This arises when they feel that they want a partner who does not suffer from a similar ailment.

While disabled people can date able-bodied individuals, not many of them may be willing to get into a serious relationship. This is because some do not know how to treat disabled individuals, and others may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the disability.

It may be challenging to find someone who shares your interests or is alright with your disability, but finding such a partner can make a relationship progress since the date understands what life feels like for the disabled person.

Online dating sites for disabled men and women provide a means for these individuals to experience the pleasure and exhilaration associated with dating, without the fear of incrimination from other members participating in online dating.

The only problem with a disabled individual joining an exclusively disabled dating site is the likelihood that it will have a small membership. In such a case, you can choose to join many sites to broaden your horizons. After all, a random person may just read your profile and like everything about you, including that condition you fear people may balk at.

Your Disabled Dating Site Profile

Are you disabled? Yes! But that is not going to stop you from finding a partner with whom you can spend some quality time.

Nowadays there are many disabled dating sites that are especially made for those people who have different kinds of disabilities. Though these websites are for physically challenged people, rules to apply and other regulations remain the same.

If you are looking for a long term partner, you have to remember a few things before you proceed to create your profile. This is essential because you might come across people from different walks of life.

Things to remember while creating a profile in disabled dating sites:

Use a dash of humor:

Make sure your profile is not dull or underlined with negativity. This will create a wrong impression about you on the people who look at your profile. You can create a profile that is laced with humor to reflect your wittiness and optimism despite your disability.

When people don’t know about you personally, the sense of humor kindles their interest to initiate the conversation with you. If you are a man then women would go mad over your profile as they love any man with a great sense of humor. When a man despite the disability can make a woman laugh, what more could she ask for?

Select the photo that depicts the real “you”:

If you are confined to a wheel chair, there is no need to hide it from others. You can offer a pose like doing something you enjoy like playing with your pet dog or painting a picture in your wheel chair.

This way you can convey two messages at a time. First of all, you are in a wheel chair and second, you can do a bit of painting or you have a pet dog and you love him. This will also reflect your attitude that you are not ashamed of your disability.

Moreover, it will also show that you have many talents, which you thoroughly enjoy even though you have to take help of a wheel chair.

Ensure your protection:

Always be secure when you are using disabled dating sites because you will be interacting with unknown persons. Make sure that you don’t reveal too much of your personal details like your address, your family, their names etc on the first meeting.

If you have decided to meet the person for the first time, make sure that you choose a public place. Unless you get to know about the real people, do not judge them just from one meeting as some can be deceptive in nature.

Advantages Of Disabled Dating Sites

When people talk about dating sites oftentimes the disabled are ignored due to their condition. The society tends to think that love is only meant for those who are physically and mentally fit. However, disability is not inability.

There are a few special sites which are dedicated towards helping those who are disadvantaged. The disabled dating sites cater for people with different malfunctions such as paralysis, H.I.V, mental illness, multiple sclerosis and paralysis.

Most of these sites are small and operated by an individual or a group consisting of few members. They are also free to join, though some may charge something small to cover their advertisement costs.

Advantages of disabled dating sites

Most standard relationship sites stir some anxiety for various would-be participants. For instance, those who are H.I.V positive would feel embarrassed to reveal their status. Fearing that they may be discriminated against by other members.

However, if a romance portal is specifically meant for those with this disease, then there’s no need to fear as everybody else has the same condition. These unique sites allow people to form genuine relationships without worrying about their partners revealing heart-rending information later on, like the existence of a terminal illness.

Sensitive issues that come with certain conditions may be discussed openly in a virtual space. You may get real-time help on how to address these challenges from others who are experiencing the side effects.

The anonymity that comes with online disabled dating sites allows contributors be honest about their feelings. Furthermore, some people may specify the extent of disability that they can handle after entering into long-term relationship with their lovers.

Just like anyone else, those suffering from disabilities have their own preferences when it comes to dating. For instance, someone who has fine mobility may also want a spouse who can move around freely.

Other are less choosy and don’t mind anyone that comes their way, so long as they share same values, hobbies and or of life. Some of these websites are POZ Personals, Dating 4 Disabled, No Longer Lonely and Prescription 4 Love.

Choosing A Disability Dating Site

Today, having a disability is no longer a disability in the online world of dating. With majority of people in the world having the access to internet, dating is just a click away for people with disability.

Disabled dating sites offer you opportunities to meet with new people who don’t define you with your disability. Disabled dating sites are not only for disabled people but it is also for people who would want to date them.

These websites provide oneself the perfect opportunity to date, romance, find love and seek friendship. These websites are more than just dating websites as they offer a platform for disabled people to socialize and participate in online forums and discussions.

Here is all you need to know about dating websites that are specially designed for disabled people.

Types of Online Disability Dating Sites:

There are ranges of dating sites for disabled people that vary from each other in various aspects. These sites can be specially designed for deaf, wheelchair bound, visually impaired and mentally disabled.

Some of these disabled dating sites are quite general and are just like other dating sites. On these dating sites you can make friends, look for information on other people, date people and flirt around.

Tips to Use a Disabled Online Dating Website

1. Privacy matters – You must keep your personal information to yourself when you are beginning to interact with someone else. Avoid giving your personal details like phone number, address and where you work on these sites and to people who you have just met. If someone really starts to bug you and asks for your personal details then it is better to block them or red flag them.

2. Con artists – Social networking sites are usually a favorite haunt of con and scam artists. It is not true that they target sites for disabled people but they target people who are not confident and unsure of themselves. When you are using such sites then it is advised to stay confident and honest about whom you are. Avoid giving your personal details to anyone easily.

Just like everyone else disabled people are also capable of love and compassion and these online dating websites give you great opportunities to do so.

It’s time that disabled people stepped out of their shell to explore people who are ready to accept them as they are. So what are you waiting for?

Disabled Dating Sites

There are many disabled dating sites out there. In fact, a simple search in Google will give you at least several hundred results. This only means that the options are almost endless for a disabled person to look for a date or someone to have a relationship with nowadays.

What you need to know though is that not all of these sites are the same. Some are, of course, better than others. You should also be wary of sites that are a total scam and are after only to profit from unsuspecting individuals. There are some things you can do to make sure that the dating site you will choose is legitimate.

The first thing that you can do is to make a list of all the things you expect from disabled dating sites. Familiarize yourself with the general structure of these sites.

Usually, they will have categories where to help users narrow down their options when looking for a date. You can sort the members into different fields such as religion, sexual preference, interest, age and even level of commitment. You may also find sites that cater to specific demographic groups.

For example, there are dating sites devoted to Christians. Knowing what to expect from a dating site will help you choose the right one for you.

Use the free trial membership option that most disabled dating sites offer. This will let you have a feel of the site before you actually purchase a membership package. As they say, first impressions last.

If you don’t like what you initially see from the site, then maybe it is a good idea to look for another one that is more to your liking. Check out all of the features of the site before you make a decision.

Be wary of sites that require credit card details right away. You should only give away your credit card details when you are ready to make a commitment.

You should also check out the number of members of disabled dating sites before joining one. There is no use joining a site that only has a few members.

You should especially look at the number of members who reside or work near your location. There is nothing wrong with having a long distance relationship but if you can meet someone near you then much better.

It would be nice if a site can actually help you meet someone whom you can go out with on a regular basis.

The best things in life are free as they say but there is also a reason why some things cost more than others. Some disabled dating sites may cost more because they have more advanced features than other sites.

If you think that the membership cost at least matches the value, then you can conclude that it is a good site.